SkillSet teaches people to build, design, create and share.

Our goal is to help foster a thriving and resilient community of people who make cool things as a way of life. We run classes for kids and community partners in person at STEAM Studio and online, and we teach everything from making custom electric guitars to sewing hand-dyed fabric.

Our program is funded by tuition fees, donations and grants from the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, and the Windgate Foundation. We receive generous support from UNC Asheville.

This gorgeous video was made by Tiffany Womack

Meet the team:

Sara Sanders // Director of STEAM Studio, Lead Instructor – Guitar Making

Jeannie Regan // SkillSet Program Director, Lead Instructor – Paper Mechanics

Amelia Pate // Curriculum Development, Lead Instructor – Wood, Textiles, Illuminations

Leslie Rosenberg // STEAM Studio Technician, Lead Instructor – Woodshop, Hammer Time, Staff Training

Darcy Ward // Lead Instructor – Metalshop

Bri Harriman // Circuitry, Laser Cutting, Woodshop Instructor

Sam Crain // Circuitry, Laser Cutting, Woodshop Instructor

Tiffany Womack // Video Editing Instructor

Liz Williams // Photography and Photoshop Instructor

Jacque Allen // Furniture Making Instructor

Kim Dryden // Furniture Making Instructor

Nina Green // Woodshop & Digital Media Instructor

Emily Miller // Drawing & Metalshop Instructor

Hannah Sawyer // Woodshop Instructor

Evie Horton // Woodshop Instructor

Lin Elkins // Woodshop Instructor

Christa Flores // Lead Computing Instructor

Victoria Ujunwa // Computing Instructor

Amanda Simons // Woodshop Instructor

Andie Jones // Stop Motion Animation Instructor

Dazya’ Dean // Summer Camp Instructor

Lindsay Hearn // Community Foundation of Western North Carolina – funding partner

Lyndi Hewitt // Applied Social Research Advisor

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