The skill-building program for kids, adults, and community partners at the UNC Asheville STEAM Studio

Building a resilient, creative community!

SkillSet currently offers programming for youth and adults at the UNC Asheville STEAM Studio, as well as select on-site programming with community partners.

We provides access to life-changing skills through maker-based education, and teach everything from making custom electric guitars to sewing hand-dyed fabric!

Video was made by SkillSet Video Editing Instructor Tiffany Womack

Since 2018, SkillSet has provided quality programming to over 270 students and 68% have received scholarships.

In that short time, we’ve made some amazing things! Visit our Hall of Fame to browse some of our past projects, check out Programs for more information about how to get involved, and be sure to learn more about our skilled instructors and collaborators who help make these great things happen.

Feel inspired but don’t know where to start? Learn about ways to support our programming, take a class, or encourage a young person to come to summer camp!

Fall After-School begins September 16th!

Junior Woodworking (Ages 8-11)
Beginner Welding (Ages 10+)
Woodturning (Ages 13+)
Stop Motion Animation and Photography (Ages 11+)

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What our students are saying


“The SkillSet program is such an amazing program, it gives girls the opportunity to learn skills that we wouldn’t be able to learn on our own. It is very empowering to see and work with so many women in a field that is traditionally male oriented. 
The skill set program has given me confidence and a new perspective on what career path I want to pursue. I feel that it has also given me a new creativity in my hobbies. 

During COVID they took it upon themselves to make up fun activities and projects to keep our minds active. These amazing women are like family to me.”


“SkillSet is really fun, even if it is hard. I learned how to use tools and make all sorts of really cool things. I would recommend this class to all different ages, even young kids like me. Boys can do it too. One day I would like to be someone who does sculpture like Darcy does. “


“The STEAM program is a fun and educational program that inspires you to do things and work hard. When you start something and feel like you can’t finish it, they are there to pump you up and inspire you. It’s a place that boosts your confidence up higher, you start small but end big. “

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