Woodturning After School (ages 13+)


Join us for Fall 2023 After School
Sept 1 – Nov 3!

Meet Your Turning Instructor, Anne Ogg!

“Woodturning” is the process through which a chunk of wood is spun around by a machine called a lathe, and students use specially sharpened gouges to cut the wood into round cylindrical shapes, orbs, or bowls at high speeds. This process is used to make decorative designs on chair legs, make bowls from a single log, and create endless decorative objects or precision components.

This is both scary and exhilarating!! And, it can take years and years of practice to get really good at — but the basics can easily be learned in an afternoon. Let’s build some skills for 10 weeks together!

Fall 2023 After School
Fridays, 4 – 6:30pm
Sept 1 – Nov 3
For students age 13+
$375 for 10 weeks

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Physics of spinning wood
  • Geometry of effective chisel use
  • 3D Design
  • Safe use of woodshop equipment including a lathe and turning tools

UNC Asheville STEAM Studio
821 Riverside Dr. Ste 140
Asheville NC 28801
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