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Junior Woodworking

Junior Woodworking

July 18 – 22

Amanda N. Simons
Lead Instructor, safety wizard, kid whisperer

Join us for a week-long exploration of woodworking tools, their safe use, and their creative potential! We will be using a variety of freestanding and hand-held tools to better understand how to design useful objects using wood and fasteners (screws! nails!)

The curriculum of this program is aimed at younger learners, and will focus on tool use safety, practice through doing, and bravely making cool stuff with powerful and sometimes scary tools.

Summer 2022
July 18 – 22, 9am – 2pm
Ages 10-13, $575
Email to register

Learning Outcomes:

  • Physics of power tools
  • Physics of body leverage
  • 3D design using wood and fasteners
  • Safe use of drills, saws, measuring tools
  • Basic geometry and algebra in construction and design
  • Jobsite teamwork