Let there be LIGHTS

Next Session: September 3rd to Nov 5th

This ten session class surveys the tools at STEAM Studio, giving participants an introduction to the Woodshop, Metalshop and to creating electrical circuits. You will design an image and cut it out on the laser cutter to make a shade for a rice paper lamp, bend steel and weld a pendant lamp, and solder a circuit to create an LED design in a hand sewn pouch.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Physics: Electricity
  • Physics: Light
  • Designing using Inkscape software
  • Use of the laser cutter
  • Safe use of drills, drivers, sanders, welding equipment, grinders, cutters
  • Sewing with conductive thread
Lead Instructor Amelia Pate, always up to something
A girl learns to weld
Citlalli learning to weld

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STEAM Studio
821 Riverside Drive
Ste 140
Asheville, NC 28804
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