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Talk to computers

Next Session: February 18 to Apr 29th, 2022

Meet Your Instructor Christa Flores!

Computers are an essential part of our modern day lives, they are in our phones, toys, coffee makers and cars, just to name a few places. Now is your chance to be one of the cool people able to talk to computers and make them do our bidding! In part one of this course, you will learn to code beautiful patterns that can be laser cut, 3D printed or welded into art of all scales to share. In part two of this course, we will use programming to hack old toys to make them move and play music and build tiny robots that perform interactive games, help you work out, or do chores around the house! No experience with robots or coding needed.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Math skills related to programming
  • Introduction to digital design and programming
  • Geometric art
  • Use of micro:bit processors


UNC Asheville STEAM Studio
821 Riverside Dr. Ste 140
Asheville NC 28801
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