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About SkillSet

SkillSet teaches people to build, design, create and share.

Our goal is to help foster a thriving and resilient community of people who make cool things as a way of life.

We provides access to life-changing skills through maker-based education. We teach everything from making custom electric guitars to sewing hand-dyed fabric.

We are skilled industry professionals and educators who are committed to sharing our skills, passions, problem-solving strategies, and knowledge about science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

SkillSet currently offers programming after-school, summer camps, and skill-building workshops for folks of all ages at the UNC Asheville STEAM Studio, as well as select on-site programming with community partners.

Our program is funded by tuition fees, donations and grants from the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Glass Foundation, Inc., and the Windgate Foundation. We receive generous support from UNC Asheville.

UNC Asheville STEAM Studio
821 Riverside Dr. Ste 140
Asheville NC 28801
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