We’ve come a long way!

Girls using tools

SkillSet started out as Community Tool School: Shop Class for Girls at UNC Asheville, in 2018.

Our program lives at STEAM Studio, UNC Asheville. It receives funding and support from UNC Asheville, The Community Foundation of West North Carolina and the Windgate Foundation.

Since 2018 we have:

  • Developed afterschool programming both in-person at STEAM and online.
  • Developed summer camp programming both in-person at STEAM and online.

Our program initially sought to address the perceived disparity in access to STEAM / STEM opportunities for girls. Our 2018-19 programming focussed on Middle School age girls and non-binary / gender non-conforming children, and all instructors were women and non-binary / gender non-confirming people.

Going forward, we are evolving our programming to welcome:

  • Students of all gender expressions
  • Elementary age learners
  • Community members of all ages
  • Our instructors will remain women and non binary / gender non conforming people.

In addition to evolving who we serve, the program itself is broadening from focussing on the tools available at STEAM Studio to include sharing skills to develop resilience and community. Our off-site / online programming is expanding our reach dramatically.

We hope you’ll join our program and share your skills and enthusiasm for learning.

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